Japanese forces capture Hanyang.

The flooding could not stop the enemy for long, and today they have claimed victory in what will be known as the Battle of Wuhan. It took them four months to surround Hubei’s capital, delayed by having to make their approach around the river’s waters. This is the outcome that people are dying for. The number of casualties and displaced are in the millions now, many having perished on the journey away from their villages.

Evening Post

Those who have walked, whether they are still walking or not, truly understand strength and resilience. The winter that is now approaching threatens to add to the already unimaginable loss. The cold will be difficult, perhaps impossible, without the home, or the mother, or the food stores one once relied on. They will never see any compensation or aid from their government. The burden of this mass displacement will be felt for generations, and many survivors will doubt the worth of the flooding strategy for the rest of their lives.

They will remember that all affected by the flood fought their hardest to be alive, and we should remember them as well.


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